As it happened... The Robins take the points in the capital

As it happened... The Robins take the points in the capital

as it happened...

The Starting Line-Ups!

KICK OFF: Lewis gets us underway and a fumble from the Broncos is recovered by the hosts!

🐴 0 - 0 ⚑️

5' GLDO The Robins reply on the last and force a goal line dropout from the hosts. Tanginoa now returns the ball towards the Broncos' line!

🐴 0 - 0 ⚑️

7' TRYYYYYY! It's a slick move down the Robins' right edge as Hiku finds Broadbent for him to step inside and score in the corner! Lewis nails the two! (1/1)

🐴 0 - 6 ⚑️

10' TRYYYYY! It's a second try for Jack as Niall Evalds cuts the Broncos open from deep and finds Broadbent for his second!

Lewis misses from touch. (1/2)

🐴 0 - 10 ⚑️

12' TRYYY! The Broncos restart goes out on the full and the Robins take advantage as they march upfield. on London's line, Evalds finds Hiku with the drop-off and the centre flies through!

Lewis nails it! (2/3)

🐴 0 - 16 ⚑️

15' TRYYYY! The Robins fly through the line with Broadbent, Hiku and Evalds all combining before Jack finds Niall with the final pass for the fullback to score!
Lewis adds the two! (3/4)
🐴 0 - 22 ⚑️

18' TRYYYYY! Sauaso Sue punches a hole in London's line and finds Mikey with the offload for Lewis to break up the middle and get the ball to Parcell for the hooker to score!

Lewis converts! (4/5)

🐴 0 - 28 ⚑️

20' PENALTY! The Robins survive a London attack on their line and advance to their own 30 before the Broncos are caught offside!

🐴 0 - 28 ⚑️

32' TRYYYY! The Robins put pressure on London's line after forcing a repeat set before May scans for a gap in the Broncos' line and puts Dean Hadley through a gap to crash over!

Lewis nails the two! (5/6)

🐴 0 - 34 ⚑️

35' TRYYYYY! Lewis carves through the middle and puts the kick over to chase but Evalds beats him to it and the Robins go over for their seventh!

Lewis converts! (6/7)

🐴 0 - 40 ⚑️

38' TRYYYYY! Minchella hits Luckley with a flat pass and the forward drives towards the line and stretches this arm out to score!

Lewis converts! (7/8)

🐴 0 - 46 ⚑️

The hooters sounds and we lead at the break 46-0!

SECOND HALF: Leyland kicks off and May misjudges the ball and knocks on. London scrum.

🐴 0 - 46 ⚑️

42' Try for London. It's a shift play from the Broncos following the knock on and Walker goes in between the centre and winger to score.

Leyland misses. (0/1)

🐴 4 - 46 ⚑️

47' TRYYYYYY! Short ball again finds Sam Luckley and the Geordie prop reaches out for his second!

Lewis adds the two! (8/9)

🐴 4 - 52 ⚑️

54' PENALTY! Lewis is put in a dangerous position by Miloudi and a penalty follows as both players come together.

🐴 4 - 52 ⚑️

56' TRYYYY! Tanginoa runs over the top of the Broncos' defenders to find Evalds who cuts the pass back in field for Lewis to score!

Lewis again with the two! (9/10)

🐴 4 - 58 ⚑️

60' Richardson darts at London's line and looks for a gap as the Robins again finish a set in the Broncos' 10.

Storton comes on for Minchella in back play.

🐴 4 - 58 ⚑️

62' Try for London. The Broncos get the repeat set on the Robins' line and the ball is spread to Macani for the winger to fly over.

Leyland misses. (0/2)

🐴 8 - 58 ⚑️

70' TRYYYY! There's a half break from Whitbread giving the prop opportunity to offload to Mikey Lewis and the halfback flies over under the posts!

Richardson gets his first points! (1/1)

🐴 8 - 64 ⚑️

72' Try for London. The Broncos keep the ball alive and march upfield for the hosts to catch out the Robins' right and put Bassett over.

Leyland converts. (1/3)

🐴 14 - 64 ⚑️

FULL-TIME: The Robins win 64-14 win the Capital!

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