Matchday LIVE! St. Helens vs Hull KR

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Matchday LIVE! St. Helens vs Hull KR

Join us here for live updates of St. Helens vs Hull KR from 3pm at the Totally Wicked Stadium!

1′ Try for St. Helens. Makinson flies over in the corner after Saints keep it alive on the last.

Makinson misses. (0/1)

St. Helens 4 – 0 Hull KR

5′ SIN BIN! Welsby stops Coote from getting the quick 20 tap for the Robins and is sent to the bin!

7′ Back-to-back six agains for KR with Saints unable to cope with King and Halton driving forward.

8′ TRYYYYYY! Coote scoots from dummy-half and crosses for the Robins!

Coote adds the two! (1/1)

St. Helens 4 – 6 Hull KR

11′ Ryan takes in the kick-off and Storton runs straight at Walmsley from the restart!

13′ Penalty to Saints. Disjointed end of the set for KR and the left edge gives away a penalty for offside.

15′ PENALTY KR! Walmsley shoves Parcell off the ball and brings Saints’ pressure to an end. Storton now driving up to halfway!

17′ Hall goes for the intercept but can’t keep hold. D’ up boys!

18′ Try for Saints. Roby ducks and spins from dummy-half to score under the posts.

Makinson converts. (1/2)

St. Helens 10 – 6 Hull KR

20′ Hall takes in Welsby’s low grubber and KR start their set deep in their own half. SKD now getting the Robins out of their own 20!

22′ Double head knock with King and Lomax both down. Both now on their feet while play is stopped. Vete comes on in place of King who leaves for his HIA.
24′ Try for Saints. Walmsley punches a hole in KR’s defence and finds Knowles who crosses under the sticks.
Makinson converts. (2/3)
St. Helens 16 – 6 Hull KR
26′ KNOCK ON! Walmsley spills the ball from the restart and KR are back with the ball in hand!
28′ TRYYYYYY! Coote’s cut-out pass finds Hall who powers over in the corner! Classic Ryan Hall try!
 Coote with the extras from the touchline! (2/2)
St.Helens 16 – 12 Hull KR
30′ SKD now mowing his way down the left edge before the Robins spread it to Lewis on the right! KR now finding their feet!
33′ IN TOUCH! Coote, SKD and Hall barge Makinson into touch and stop the Saints from going over in the corner!
35′ The Robins break down the left with Hall before finding Parcell who’s taken down on Saints’ 20! Let’s go boys!
36′ Welsby knocks down a KR pass and it’s another six on Saints’ line!
39′ Sin bin. Parcell is sent to the bin for laying on. Saint’s go for the two.
Makinson converts. (3/4)
St. Helens 18 – 12 Hull KR
HT: The Saints lead by 6 at the break.
41′ Second half underway and KR have pinned the Saints down in their half through Coote’s bomb.
43′ Halton’s offload finds SKD and the skipper is stepping his way into Saints’ 20. Milnes kicks the ball dead on the last.

45′ Penalty! Brain explosion from Knowles lashing out on the last and KR have the penalty! Johnson is off in back play with a shoulder injury, Keinhorst is on in second-row.

50′ Try for Saints. Hurrell leaves KR’s defence scattered on the break before Davies collects Welsby’s chip to score.

Makinson misses. (3/5)

St. Helens 22 – 12 Hull KR

53′ Storton takes it in for KR as he comes on in place of King. Parcell has now returned to the field from the sin bin!

55′ Parcell regathers the ball after Lussick hesitates at marker. Strange play!

57′ Coote finds Ryan on the fly and KR are now rolling up the pitch with Lewis. Now at Saints’ 30 on the third tackle.

58′ CLOSE! Lewis’ ball to Litten is judged forward and the Robins thought they were in.

63′ Lewis chases down Parcell’s grubber and forces Grace in goal for the GLDO! Ryan now driving into Saints’ 20!

64′ Saints’ hand on the ball and KR have another set on the hosts’ line. Let’s keep it up.

65′ Try for Saints. The hosts spread the ball to the right edge and Hurrell goes in.

Makinson misses. (3/6)

St. Helens 26 – 12 Hull KR

67′ Ryan recovers the ball from the restart before Storton gets the Robins moving towards the hosts’ line!

70′ Crooks’ last-ditch tackle on Welsby keeps the fullback out from scoring and forces the turnover!

72′ Double Interchange. Vete and Minchella come on for Storton and Halton.

75′ Penalty Saints. Davies has the ball stolen by Crooks and KR are defending their line for back-to-back sets.

77′ TRYYYYY! SKD ducks and dives before finding Coote with a grubber to score! Just over two and a half minutes left!

Coote converts! (3/3)

St. Helens 26 – 18 Hull KR

FT: The hosts edge it 26-18, but proud of the effort by the boys this afternoon.

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