Matchday LIVE! Hull KR vs Huddersfield Giants

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Matchday LIVE! Hull KR vs Huddersfield Giants

Join us here live from 5pm for Hull KR vs Huddersfield Giants in the Betfred Challenge Cup Semi-Final at Elland Road!

The boys come out of the tunnel to a roar from Elland Road’s north-east corner!

KICK OFF: Jordan Abdull gets us underway here in Leeds, Senior juggles the ball before being met by Minchella!

1′ Ryan Hall takes in Fages’ kick, quickly followed by Ethan Ryan racing up to halfway!

3′ Hadley and Linnett try to get the Robins’ attack rolling but are stuck in their 20. Abdull relieves the pressure, kicking deep into Giants’ territory.

5′ Spilled ball from the Giants and Minchella pounces on it! KR now in Huddersfield’s half for the first time with ball in hand!

7′ Penalty to Huddersfield. KR offside and Wilson now runs the ball in 10 metres out from the Robins’ line.

8′ PENALTY! Leutele thought he was in for the try but a Giants’ obstruction gives possession back to the Red and Whites.

10′ Try for Huddersfield. Russell pierces the Robins’ defence and finds Josh Jones on the halfbreak to score.

Russell converts. (1/1)

Hull KR 0 – 6 Huddersfield

13′ Ball up in the air on the last for Huddersfield and SKD climbs up to take it in! Big relief for KR.

15′ Fages chips the ball for the Giants to chase but it runs dead. Hall now carrying defenders towards Huddersfield’s half!

17′ Try for Huddersfield. Innes Senior collects Abdull’s kick and races the full length of the field to score.

Russell converts. (2/2)

Hull KR 0 – 12 Huddersfield

20′ Solid end to the set for KR keeping the Giants back. Dagger and Hall now fielding the hard yards for the Robins.

22′ Great take from Dagger to diffuse Levi’s kick! Sims now on for King.

24′ Penalty KR! The Giants are offside and Dagger plants the kick into Huddersfield’s 20. Let’s go boys!

25′ Repeat set! McQueen has spilled Abdull’s grubber and it’s a scrum for KR 10 metres out from the Giants’ line!

28′ Penalty. Matt Parcell strips the ball one on one but the referee already called held. Giants let off the hook.

30′ Spilled ball by the Giants, Minchella and Ryan now racing up the field!

32′ Luke Yates knocks Abdull’s grubber forward. Repeat set for the Robins!

34′ KNOCK ON! Litten and Hadley wrestle with Trout and force the knock-on from the Giants’ forward. Ryan and Crooks now fighting for metres up the middle.

38′ Robins go close through Ryan Hall after repeat sets but can’t get the score.

HT: The Giants score the only two tries of the half and lead the Robins 12-0.

40′ Lolohea gets the second half started! Korbin Sims takes the first drive for KR. The Robins now rolling up to halfway.

42′ Try for Huddersfield. McGillvary races away down the right and beats Ryan on the line to touch down.

Russell misses. (2/3)

Hull KR 0 – 16 Huddersfield

45′ Back-to-back penalties for Huddersfield. The Giants opt for the two. Russell converts. (3/4) Hull KR 0 – 18 Huddersfield

46′ Interchange. George King is on for Sims.

48′ Penalty! High tackle on Dagger and KR march back up the pitch. King takes in the first drive of the new set!

49′ Elliot Minchella leaves the field for an HIA. Jimmy Keinhorst is on in his place.

52′ Knock on. Hadley spills the ball at the play the ball. Disappointing end to a promising set for KR.

55′ Try for Huddersfield. Trout crashes over on the back of repeat sets for the Giants.

Russell converts. (4/5)

Hull KR 0 – 24 Huddersfield

57′ Interchange. Matty Storton replaces Greg Richards in the front row.

61′ Drop goal for Huddersfield. Theo Fages slots over the one-pointer for the Giants.

Hull KR 0 – 25 Huddersfield

62′ Senior spills the restart and KR get the drop-out. Now a penalty for offside, let’s go boys!

63′ Litten’s crash ball to Keinhorst is judged forward. Disappointing end to the set for KR. Minchella is now back on in place of Abdull.

68′ Litten and Keinhorst combine for a slick move on the left and force McGillvary to go for the interception. Another set on the Giants’ line for KR!

70′ Lolohea drills the ball dead and slows the game down. The Robins’ pack now trying to get some momentum for the final ten minutes.

73′ Penalty for Huddersfield. Storton steals the ball not square from the play the ball.

76′ Try for the Robins! Ethan Ryan races down the right before KR put on a switch play and Litten’s kick finds SKD to touch down!

Dagger hits the post and out. (0/1)

Hull KR 4 – 25 Huddersfield

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